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A Poetic Novel

© 2016 Christine Mulvihill

I. Introduction

       Christine's Story
       I Am a Rainbow
       In Your Heart
       Tender Moments
       No Escape
       I Live a Lie
       I Once was Lost

II. Oncology

       Because I Never Gave Up on Me
       Sarah's Story 
       What If Faith is Not Enough?
       I Can Only Take So Much
       Bury Me a Stranger

III. Home Coming

       A New Day
       Alice in Wonderland?
       Enter The Realm
       Sky Gods

IV. The Curse

       This Curse
       My Soul
       If Someone Cared
       I've Changed So Much
       I Will Not Die
       To Be Anyone But Me

V. High school

       What Girls Will Do
       It's Not About Me
       We'll Make It Together
       I See Your Soul
       You Push and I Fall
       It's Not Love
       Not Invisible
       Baby It's Over

VI. Life is one tough pill to swallow

       Life Is One Tough Pill To Swallow
       Dreams are Crushed
       What is Love
       Life is Hard
       How Lies can Stab Like a Knife
       It's Never Going to be Alright
       no relief

VII. Emotions

       True Love

VIII. Other Stories and Poems

       The Man from Everywhere But Here
       Hey You
       A Late Night Encounter